Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Detective Comics #965 Review

Written by: James Tynion IV
Art by: Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Adriano Lucas, and Sal Cipriano

The story we’ve all been waiting for since the end of the very first arc of Detective Comics’ rebirth is here: the return of Tim Drake. I’m sure many readers are wondering if this will start to answer questions of Mr. Oz or if Tim will ever get back on the team. Let’s dive into Detective Comics #965 and find out…

I will try to be as spoiler free as I can and start by saying a lot is answered yet not but things are heavily hinted at. Mr. Oz’s identity was revealed in Action Comics #987 already but he’s revealed again in this issue to Tim Drake alone. He’s now the second person to know his true identity, pretty much figuring it out himself. Tim is a true detective, so it was easy for him to finally realize it. Throughout the issue, Oz is interrogating Tim about why he joined Bruce and Dick as Robin. It’s revealed here that Tim figured out Batman and Nightwing’s identities himself and went to them directly about it to try and become Robin. This bit of information intrigued Oz and I’m sure he was threatened by his detective skills and didn’t want to be figured out sooner by Tim. I think that was a reason why Oz pulled Tim out of time.

Another reason Oz pulled Tim was because he saw himself in Tim. The feel Oz gets from Tim is that in his heart, he wants save the people of Earth as Oz does. Oz explains that that is the reason he has had his eye on Tim. Tim flips out at this point as he’s completely confused as to what Oz is talking about. Us readers know, however, that it is definitely Doctor Manhattan. Manhattan feels pity for mankind, just as he had taught Oz and what he sees in Tim. This is totally my speculation but it makes so much sense. I’m so excited to continue this story arc as I feel it will be a pivotal one in the road to Doomsday Clock. The entire conversation with Tim and Oz is the absolute highlight of the issue and the reason to read it. I’m very intrigued as to what will come of the events that transpire in the second half of the issue which I won’t spoil here. Check it out for yourself!

The art is amazing too. Detective Comics is a title that I know will constantly and consistently have amazing art. It’s a dark, painted, and realistic style that fits so well in this book, especially in this story.

Detective Comics #965 is an amazing issue and an integral issue to the overall Rebirth story. It begins to answer questions yet give you new ones to continue your interest. With great story and art to complement is, I highly recommend this issue as a must.


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