Friday, August 18, 2017

Superman #28 Review (Spoilers)

“A Minute Longer”
Written by: Keith Champagne
Art by: Doug Mahnke, Jamie Mendoza, Scott Hanna, Rob Hunter and Rob Leigh

I have loved Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason’s run on Superman since the beginning but not all of their issues have been hits. When this is the case, for me personally, it’s fun to see another writer come on board and provide a cool story. This definitely isn’t the first time but it’s a nice departure. Let’s dive into Superman #28 and see how fun other writers can make this title...

We start this issue with a kid playing Pokemon Go-esque game, wandering into an abandoned building. This little reference to real life events where kids would wander into unknown areas for Pokemon they need tickles me but it’s a good way to get this kid into trouble for what’s about to happen. Unfortunately, he is captured by a creature we aren’t sure of it’s identity just yet. We later find out this kid’s name is Zee who is the first child to go missing in a string of disappearances. Superman has been on this case for a while now, trying to find these kids but to no avail. This makes him highly worried about something happening to his son. I love this aspect because this event his hitting Clark in a soft spot with him worrying for Jon who he loves so much. I’m sure he’s especially worried because things keep happening to Jon as he keeps getting kidnapped or disappearing. I’d be worried to death every day for my child if this was constantly happening to him and with other children are missing.

With further investigating on Clark's part, he finds a trail of yellow energy. He thinks to himself a Lantern's help would he useful but of course there isn’t one around on Earth. It’s up to him now to track down this yellow fiend. At first he thinks it's Sinestro, and I thought so, too. But why would Sinestro want to kidnap kids? Turns out it was actually Parallax! For some reason, he has all these kids tied up in his gooey web. Why he has these kids isn’t clear but I think it’s just to have something for Superman to save and protect. Superman let’s Parallax possess him so he doesn’t harm the children and we get this terrifyingly awesome Parallax Superman with the yellow fear energy. He’s so cool looking but this is dooming danger for Superman. Just then, Sinestro appears claiming Superman has something that belongs to him and the issue ends…

Superman #28 is my kind of crazy fun. While I love Tomasi and Gleason constantly on this book, Keith Champagne is a great writer for fun Superman as well. This issue also has highly complementing art by Doug Mahnke that looks great. The story leaves you wanting more and questioning “how the heck is Superman going to get out of this one?” and I can’t wait for the next issue.


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