Friday, August 18, 2017

Super Sons #8 Review

“Planet of the Capes Part 2”
Written by: Peter J Tomasi
Art by: Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez and Rob Leigh

I have been really digging Super Sons and this arc is no exception. It’s so much fun and it’s one of my favorite books. When this book comes in, I know I’ll never be disappointed. Damian and Jon’s interactions are so hilarious and Jon working with the Teen Titans feels so natural. Let’s dive into “Planet of the Capes Part 2” and see if we can continue that team fun…

So, Damian is still old because of the Time Commander and it’s hilarious. He can’t stay out of the bathroom for too long without needing to go again. Because of this, the Titans are just sitting around waiting for him to be done. They finally get back into battle so Damian can be turned back to a teen and take care of the henchmen of Kraklow, the self acclaimed greatest magician ever. He has a really cool backstory where an alternate version of himself gives him magical clay to warp it into any bad guys that he wants to create. That’s how Atom Master, Time Commander and Faceless Hunter are created. These “Forgotten Villains," as Kraklow dubs them, look awesome and remind me of '90’s villains in their design.

The Teen Titans arrive to duke it out with the Forgotten Villains and win pretty easily because they have a half Kryptonian on their side! Also, since they’re made of clay, they’re pretty fragile and don’t last long in battle. Damian forces Time Commander to change him back to a youth and arrests Kraklow. It's revealed that he has never really committed any crimes this big before. He just had all this power get to his head. The issue ends with Damian and Jon bickering while something alien comes out of a dimensional portal behind them and presumingly attacks…

Super Sons #7 is so much fun. Tomasi does a great job writing these characters with fun moments and dialog while Jimenez provides such amazing art, some of my favorite art in all of Rebirth. This issue makes me wish Jon was a teen already so he can join the team but what we get in this issue is good enough for the time being.


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