Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1 Review

“Big Tent, Bigger Dreams!”
Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art by: Tyler Kirkham, Arif Prianto and Taylor Esposito

We take a break from our regularly scheduled dose of “the feels” to bring something a little more fun to the Outlaws’ story. Annuals week is a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy a little one-shot story, since annuals usually don’t take place in the current story arc of a comic. This annual does actually, taking place before RHATO #12. Let’s jump into the Outlaws’ first Annual issue and see if it’s a worthwhile story…

Jason, Artemis and Bizarro are performing at a circus undercover to keep tabs on the Russians that the Outlaws ran out of Gotham in issue #7. They seem to be running an operation inside the circus. I love that they’re out right performing at a circus as it seems out of character for them. It just goes to show what this team will do to keep tabs on some bad people. Jason reaches out to Dick Grayson for assistance since he use to work in a circus and knows how the community works. Dick agrees to help them and it plays pretty well in Jason’s favor.

It’s so great to see these brothers finally reunite in this book. They are so happy to see each other again and it starts to get those feels back up, especially when Jason reminisces about watching Dick perform with his parents as the Flying Graysons. Cue sprinklers. Honestly, not a whole lot happens in terms of huge plot details this issue but it’s a good thing for this story. We get so many great character moments and interactions that that alone is worth the cover price. Dick flirting with Artemis, Bizarro kindles a romance with the Bearded Lady of the circus and Dick getting to perform once more.

Most likely the biggest highlight of the issue is the Beast battle, formerly known as the KGBeast. It was so fun to see these classic characters duke it out. My only complaint about it is that sometimes the action was hard to follow. I got confused at what was happening at times and I don’t know if that it was because of the lack of transition panels or the panel placement wasn’t adequate enough to portray the fight fluidly. Other than that, their fight was good and I loved that everyone had a part to play in the battle.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1 is a fun break from it’s normal story. I like that it does have a specific time frame that this story takes place in. With it’s great character moments, fun action and wonderful art, it’s pretty easy to recommend this annual.


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