Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Justice League/Power Rangers #5 Review

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Stephen Byrne

It only took us a few months but we’ve finally got it -- part 5 of the epic Justice League and Power Rangers crossover! With the Justice League now on the Rangers’ world, they must work together to stop the Brainiac and Lord Zedd team up from conquering the world. Let’s jump into part 5 of Justice League/Power Rangers #5 and see if these two teams got what it takes to save the world…

With a team up like this, you expect a heaping helping of action and that’s exactly what you get this issue. This is the second to last issue and that’s what we need -- the beginning of a climatic battle between JL/PR and Brainiac/Zedd. The action is really fun in this issue and it’s a breeze to read. Previously, the Rangers lost their Power Coins so they had to conceal their identity by wearing some armor from the League’s trophy room and I love this touch. It’s such a smart way to get the Rangers to use some DC related weapons that harken back to their actual weapons. It’s a crossover treat to get these kind of easter eggs.

The rest of the Rangers don’t get their powers until toward the end of the issue, so most of the action is from the League fighting Brainiac’s goons and Zedd's monsters. This is where the downfalls of the issue start coming into play. Sure, some Rangers get some action shots in but there isn’t a good balance between the two teams in this issue where previous ones had achieved.

Lord Zedd’s monsters are completely generic. I understand that Zedd can’t bring a well known monster into the fight because that could really hurt BOOM!’s comic’s future continuity but a cameo would be nice. Some kind of throwaway monster that is well known but doesn’t necessarily need to come into it’s future story. However, it does come back around at the end where a character who doesn’t always get to shine has his day. I won’t spoil it here but it’s true Power Rangers cheese at its finest.

The art is another downfall of this issue, even the title really. Yes, it’s very vibrant and it looks really good most of the time. But there are times where characters faces look so wrong that it really throws me off. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are the culprits for this criticism but it doesn’t kill the issue for me.

Justice League/Power Rangers #5 is a pretty fun issue but I did want more Power Rangers action. Most of the action we get in this issue is from the Justice League, which is fine if this were just a League book. But in a team up crossover like this, I’d like to see a good balance of action between the two teams. I hope that issue #6 delivers on this.


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