Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dark Nights Metal #1 Review (Spoilers)

Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion

Scott Snyder. Greg Capullo. One of the biggest team of DC. Their Batman run during in the 52 was one of the biggest runs of that era and when Rebirth happened we all, of course, wanted the dream team to return. Now they’re back with one mission: to make a damn fun comic book. For what seems like a year now, Dark Nights Metal, Snyder and Capullo’s passion project, has finally come. Was it worth the wait and hype for such a huge summer event? Let's find out...

This comic is very hard to review without spoiling anything. I’ll say it right now that I absolutely loved this issue. It’s so fun and crazy that it feels exactly like a comic book should feel. The entire issue is full of great, memorable moments that I don’t want to reveal because I want everyone to go out right now and read it, especially if you’re reading this review before reading the actual comic. So, if you haven’t read this issue, stop reading this review now and do yourself a favor by reading Metal #1. Then come back and see what I thought. Spoilers ahead. Non-spoiler thoughts after.

One of my absolute favorite moments is the cold opening where the Justice League is fighting on Mongul’s War Planet (that he presumably got after the events of the “Superman Revenge Squad” arc in Action Comics). What’s really cool here is that Mongul has negated most of the hero’s powers so they can fight fairly. Next, these giant robots that resemble each League member’s colors come to fight them. Before they could be squashed, Batman finds a weakness in the form of a button that has their symbols. The deactivated robots force the heroes inside of them that then allows the heroes to take control of their robot. This is where one of the highlights of the issue happens: they form a friggin’ Justice League Megazord to take down Mongul! I was absolutely ecstatic when this happened. I love the Justice League and the Power Rangers and this just made me a happy fanboy. Anyway, the fight is cut short to show the League coming back to Earth. This whole scene has me so curious what happened before and after this. I sure hope we see it because it sounds like a lot of fun to read!

Later in the issue, the Blackhawks, a covert anti-apocalyptic team that has been chasing down Batman, finally catches up to him and there Lady Blackhawk reveals everything. It’s a huge information dump that was so intriguing to read. There is people who can’t stand exposition but I love it, especially when it’s really interesting.  First, she reveals she’s Kendra Saunders, Hawkgirl herself. She proceeds to show them she has just a fragment of Nth metal, all that is left (Batman later takes this to investigate it). Then, she reveals this big revelation that underneath the multiverse, all 52 universes, float on a Dark Multiverse. Yes, us fans have already heard of this from Dark Days, even Batman has, but this is huge for the rest of the League to hear since all they’ve ever known is the regular multiverse. This is where, presumably, the energy that the Nth metal gives off comes from since Carter Hall, Hawkman, never could figure out where it came from in the normal multiverse

Batman knows something huge is coming. Something from the Dark Multiverse. He hopes to stop a full scale invasion of it from occurring. This is what he’s been investigating all this time. Even Doctor Fate is getting premonitions of their invasion, led by the Evil Batmen. I won’t spoil the ending of the issue but this comic was incredible.

Dark Knights Metal #1 is a huge book -- it’s history in the making and this issue makes this event feel epic and important. I will even bet the ramifications of this event is going to play into the overall DCU for years to come. It’s such a fun read and I am glad that DC has allowed Snyder and Capullo to even attempt to write something like this. This is a must for all Batman fans, Justice League fans and DC Comic fans alike.


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