Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Action Comics #985 Review

“Only Human Part 1”
Written by: Rob Williams
Art by: Guillem March, Hi-Fi and Rob Leigh

Coming off of the epic “Revenge” arc, we find Superman just going about his daily rounds of rescuing only to end up fighting another big threat, the Machinist. Someone is using stolen Lexcorp technology for the Machinist’s possessing microchips. Supes must now team up with Luthor to stop the Machinist and find out who stole his tech. Does the start of this arc continue to live up to this title's name? Let’s find out…

From the very first page of this issue, you can tell this is an action packed issue and it never lets up. Superman has had one heck of a week so far from losing his sight, losing his hearing, dealing with the Superman Revenge Squad and now the Machinist. He just cannot catch a break and I really feel sorry for poor Supes.

Having Luthor’s tech be used for the Machinist’s attack creates some strong tension between Superman and Luthor. We all know Luthor is on the good side now but I’m sure Clark is still hesitant to believe him 100% of the time, especially when these microchips have Luthor’s logo on in incriminating him. This tension also has me not trusting Luthor 100% either because who knows, maybe him being a good guy is a long term scheme Luthor has been working on. I honestly hope he stays good but I like that this issue has me second guessing it as Clark is.

The art in this issue is absolutely wonderful as well. March’s art fits so perfect with this book -- all the characters look great, the action flows so well and the panel set up makes this issue a breeze to read. The art really compliments the action.

Action Comics #985 is a fantastic issue -- it’s so fun to read and is truly action packed. The art is a perfect fit to this book and I can’t wait to see what happens next with this fight against the Machinist.


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