Sunday, July 30, 2017

All Star Batman #12 Review

“The First Ally Part 3”
Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Rafael Albuquerque and Jordie Bellaire

“The First Ally” has possibly been my favorite arc of All Star Batman to date. It’s full of action, mystery and awesome Alfred backstory. Now that part 3 is here, let’s take a look to see if this arc is still going strong.

Right away, we jump into a huge action piece with Batman trying to save himself and the people of Tiger Shark’s submarine. Tiger Shark is dead at the hands of this knight character going around killing people by exposing their heart for his victims to see. It’s a very gruesome way to kill someone but very unique. The way the way the heart is exposed is by using clams to make a symbol that teen Alfred was drawing on London’s walls earlier in the arc. In Alfred’s back story in the M15 that we further explore, we find out that Alfred trained in that same knight suit. The mystery developing is so intriguing to me and I can’t wait to find out who is behind all these killings. Exploring Alfred’s past as a part of a secret military operation is great as well and it is some much needed character exploration that Alfred needs.

The issue ends with the Black and Whites coming to get Hush back and tear down Wayne Hotel. I’m excited for this arc to continue going since I’m having so much fun with it. Next we get into the back up story for this issue...

“Killers-in-Law Part 3: Marked”
Written by: Rafael Albuquerque and Rafael Scavone
Art by: Sebastian Fiumara, Trish Mulvihill and Lee Loughridge

This back up story involving Bruce infiltrating a Russian family’s base to stop a piece of cargo getting to Gotham is also very fun to read. I enjoy it much more than The Cursed Wheel. The Wheel’s story seemed to drag out and we didn’t get a whole lot of the wheel training Duke endured. This story however is classic Batman at his finest. Stealth action is at full front this time around. He hasn’t been able to stop the cargo from leaving just yet and I can’t wait to see where this story goes next.

All Star Batman #12 is a fantastic issue. Snyder and Albuquerque are such a great team for this book, providing fun action pieces, an intriguing story and art that really complements it. This issue has me excited for more things to come.


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